Identifying defects, bugs and issues

A Vigilant Approach to Identifying Defects, Bugs, and Issues

Functionality Testing

We verify that the software functions according to the specified requirements and performs the intended tasks correctly.

Usability Testing

We assess the software’s user-friendliness, intuitiveness, and overall user experience to ensure it meets user expectations and is easy to navigate and interact with.

Performance Testing

We evaluate the software’s performance under various loads and stress conditions to ensure it meets performance expectations, such as response time, scalability, and resource usage.

Compatibility Testing

We check the software’s compatibility with different operating systems, browser, devices or network environments to ensure consistent performance across various platforms.

Security Testing

We test the software’s security measures to identify vulnerabilities, weaknesses, or potential risks that could compromise the system’s integrity and data.

Regression Testing

We re-test previously validated software functionalities after changes or enhancements to ensure that the existing features still work correctly and that new changes have not introduced any unintended issues.

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Ensuring (SQA) with a Comprehensive Testing Approach

At Visnext, we adopt a holistic strategy to assess the performance and quality of your software.

Step 1

Quality Standards

We bring together our design and development teams to verify whether the final product aligns with initial requirements, ensuring a high standard of quality.
Step 2

Quality Evaluation

Everaging our agile framework, we consistently evaluate your software during each development sprint, carefully analyzing its performance.
Step 3

Quality Consultations

We bring together our design and development teams to verify whether the final product aligns with initial requirements, ensuring a high standard of quality.
Step 4

Quality Improvements

Identifying areas of improvement, our quality assurance team provides guidance to our developers, facilitating the execution of necessary changes.

How We Improve Your Software for You

We go beyond typical QA methods by combining automated and manual software testing to guarantee that your software complies with industry standards.

Validate Software

We assess the software’s performance, functionality, security, and usability to verify that the software meets the specified requirements and adheres to quality standards.

Identify Defects

QA testers actively search for defects or issues within the software by executing test cases, conducting exploratory testing, and performing various validation techniques.

Ensure Reliability

QA testing helps ensure that the software performs consistently and reliably under different scenarios, loads and environments.

Enhance User

QA testing focuses on evaluating the software from a user’s perspective. It involves checking the user interface, usability, accessibility, and overall user experience.

Mitigate Risks

It helps identify potential risks and issues early in the development cycle, allowing organizations to minimize the impact on end-users and mitigate potential business risks.

Facilitate Continuous

QA testing provides valuable feedback to the development team, enabling them to identify areas of improvement in the software's design, codebase, and overall development process.

The Multifaceted process SQA Tools

We use tools that can significantly enhance the software quality assurance process and contribute to business growth.







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